Asia Business Center



Ganesh Iyer

Ganesh Iyer,
Edgar F. Kaiser Professor of Business Administration

Laura Kray

Laura Kray,
Harold Furst Professor of Management Philosophy and Values

James Lincoln

James Lincoln,
Mitsubishi Chair in International Business and Finance

John Morgan

John Morgan,
Gary & Sherron Kalbach Chair in Business Administration

Terry Odean

Terry Odean,
Willis H. Booth Professor of Banking and Finance

Andrew Rose

Andrew Rose,
B.T. Rocca Jr. Professor of International Business

Steve Tadelis

Steve Tadelis,
Associate Professor

Laura Tyson

Laura Tyson,

David Vogel

David Vogel,
Solomon P. Lee Distinguished Professorship in Business Ethics


Geng Jing

Dr. Geng Jing,
Chief Risk Officer,
Changjiang Pension Insurance Co., Ltd.

Undergraduate student

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