Asia Business Center


Teck Ho

Teck Ho

William Halford, Jr. Family Professor of Marketing

Director, Asia Business Center

Member, Policy and Planning Committee

Haas School of Business
Cheit Award Winner for Excellence in Teaching

Berkeley Distinguished Teaching Award Winner, 2010

At Haas since 2002

Learning, according to Professor Teck Ho, is more "concrete when it is hands-on." That's why at least one in four of his class sessions is interactive. Using computer simulations and role-playing, his students engage in price wars and auctions, negotiate B2B contracts, and put themselves in the shoes of CEOs, marketing directors, suppliers, and retail partners.

Succeeding Together

"The students here are very collaborative. For example, when two students are interviewing for the same position, the one who interviews first is likely to coach the second. They understand and value the ideas of group benefit and teamwork."

Finding the Right Balance

"Haas students are smart, confident, and balanced. They realize that if you focus solely on your career you risk burning out very quickly. They also are realistic about their future careers. This doesn't mean they don't have high expectations-they do. But they aren't arrogant about how soon they will achieve them."

Shared Insights

"A Haas professor is coach, cheerleader, and supporter for the students. For example, if a student comes to me for advice about the green, renewable energy sector—which I might not know too much about—I am happy to research the field and offer my insights. The faculty here cares about making a difference in the students' lives."

Gateway to Asia

"I am very excited about the Asia Business Center. Haas is a lot closer to Asia than the East Coast schools are, and it is such an important region in the global economy. With the Asia Business Center, we hope to promote the Haas and UC Berkeley brand equity and to energize our already large alumni community there. Ultimately, we want to establish more relationships with students and professors at Asian institutions and programs."

A Career Advantage

"More than ever before, I am booking guest speakers who might be potential employers for my students. I am looking closely at the case studies I use in class, not just for their educational value, but for their relevance in job interviews. I want to make sure that the presentations my students prepare for class will be equally valuable to impress the people they will be interviewing with for internships and jobs."

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