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Asia Business Center Hsioh-Kwang Wu Fellows


Dong Li

Dong Li
Mr. Li has a business degree from Fudan University, and is the Founder of the Shanghai Runbon Investment Group Co., Ltd. Currently he is the President of the Board. The Runbon Group ("Runbon"), established in 2003, has developed into a conglomerate covering Building Services, automotive services and industrial fund investments over ten years. Based on total assets of Rmb1.5bn, the group now sees annual sales of over Rmb2bn with consistent contributions from its seven subsidiaries and totally 500 employees.

Shengnan Wang

Shengnan Wang "Stella"
Ms. Wang is the Co-founder, Chairman of HERBFOREVER Healthcare Co., Ltd. in Beijing. During her time as an Asia Business Center Wu Fellow, she focused on venture management, and is certified with a Certificate of Business Excellence. Wang has strong and diversified management experience across multiple industries including chemical & mining, IT, and management consulting. In her more than 20 year career, she has worked at Fortune 500 companies, large private enterprises, as well as large Chinese State Owned Enterprises (SEOs). She was a former board member & President of DATUHE Co., Ltd, and also served as Vice President of SAP China.


Baorong Fang

Baorong Fang "Katherine"
Ms. Fang is currently getting her MPA from Harvard University's John F Kennedy School of Government. She has fifteen years of experience in investment banking, most recently holding a position as Managing Director, Operations Coordinator, Head of Financial Sponsor Group for the China International Capital Corporation in Beijing. She is also well experienced with both debt and equity market products. Both her Bachelors of Economics and Masters of Economics is from Tsinghua University.

Marco ma

Huimin Ma "Marco"
Mr. Ma is a deputy-director level officer at the China Executive Leadership Pudong (CELAP), which is a national leadership training school in Shanghai, China. He received his Ph.D. in 2014 in International Politics. Dr. Ma is engaged in cross-cultural communication and builds a bridge between China and other countries, by using common language to teach foreign students about China. In his estimation, only mutual communication can bring peace to world. Dr. Ma's research is focused on Internet Governance and has published several papers in this field. More recently he was intrigued by Big Data, and established a team to research it.

Weijia Yuan

Weijia Yuan
Ms. Yuan lives in Shenzhen where she joined WeBank during the founding period. WeBank, founded by Tencent in 2014, is China's first Internet Bank and Online Financial Platform. She is with WeBank's Strategy and Development Department and is in charge of strategy, partnership and innovation. Before joining WeBank, she was based in Hong Kong with Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan and Deutsche, doing Debt Capital Market and Fixed Income. She also founded one of the best maternity care centers in China, Bettercare Postnatal/Postpartum Care Institution in Beijing.


Haiyun Li

Haiyun Li "Helen"
Ms. Li is the Director of Zhenruzhen Subdistrict in Putuo District, Shanghai. Prior to that, she was the town mayor of Taopu Town, also in Putuo District, Shanghai. As an undergraduate, she majored in chemistry at Fudan University, and then studied economics at Tongji University. In 2000, she finished her IMBA at Hong Kong University. Since then, she has worked at the Youth Federation of Putuo District, the Audit Bureau of Putuo District, and then became a Mayor.


Guoqiang Bai

Guoqiang Bai
Mr. Bai is the Deputy Chief Engineer and Director of General Planning Division of Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau. He has a Ph.D. in Global Environment & Regional Response. He has trained at the Technology University of Berlin, Germany; at Acer Environmental Solutions in England; at WTO affairs; and at the Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley. Since 1997, he has been working in the field of environmental strategy, policy, planning, and management system design. Currently, he chairs the Operation Office of Shanghai Environment Committee and the Operation Office of Environment Cooperation in Yangtze Delta region. His most recent focus has been on formulating and coordinating the implementation of a five year environment plan and three year environment action plan in Shanghai, as well as the implementation of regional environmental cooperation plan.


Xinyun Ding

Xinyun Ding "Diana"
Ms. Ding has a Master's degree from Guanghua School of Management, Peking University. She was the first Wu Fellow at the Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley and is the founder of EdenSoft Co.Ltd., one of China's largest information technology product distributors, resellers and system integrators. EdenSoft also provides cloud solutions and services, including large attachment and cloud storage solutions. She stays in the Bay Area most of the time, with her husband and son.


Pik Ha Chan

Pik Ha Chan "Jenny"
Wang Fellow

Undergraduate student

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